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At ULN our quality starts at the farm. ULN is NOT the biggest supplier in the world. We are also NOT the Big Industrial Pharma company that also dabbles in nicotine. We are however an American company that provides American Manufactured Nicotine that meets and exceeds all USP criteria. We are PROUD to support our American farmers and their communities.

ULN’s large established 28 acre facility houses state of the art research labs, testing labs, and dedicated manufacturing and packaging equipment designed specifically for nicotine production. Our production facility operates 24/7 with multiple shifts.


Our products are tested to the highest standards using the latest technology in analytical instrumentation including gas chromatography, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, mass spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis along with a variety of other analytical techniques to ensure that our product not only complies with USP and GMP standards, but exceeds them!

ULN’s offerings include a line of liquid nicotine design for e-liquid professionals.  We also supply top of the line pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Our pure liquid nicotine can also be precisely prepared in various concentrations to meet your business’s exact requirements.

ULN doesn’t just want to be your supplier.  We also want to add value to you through education, product support, and connecting people throughout the industry.


Reliability and Safety

ULN Quality Division focuses directly on guaranteeing that our product meets and exceeds all USP criteria.  ULN operators are skilled at handling products with inherent safety hazards. We employ a full-time compliance officer and a safety manager who put together a training program for every operator and chemist.

On-site engineers provide closed-loop systems to meet/exceed USP compliance.  At the end of the process the nicotine is always under nitrogen and refrigerated to maximize shelf life.

Then, a shipping specialist-certified in hazardous material shipping-will deliver your product to your business.  ULN shipping not only conforms to all hazmat shipping requirements, but also finds the most economical way to do so as well. This simply saves your business money–without compromising safety.

The result is the freshest American Manufactured nicotine in the US, shipped directly to your door.

A Selling Point to Your Customers

ULN’s pure liquid nicotine offers your business a higher-quality product and is competitively priced to that outside the United States. We focus on meeting your needs and simplify the purchasing process. You can tell your customers with pride that your product came directly from an authentic United States manufacturer. This adds value to your business, and marketing points to your customers.

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