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March 11, 2015

USA Liquid Nicotine Launches USA LaboratoriesTo Serve the E-Juice Professional and DIY Customer Markets

The liquid nicotine products and flavors offered by USA Laboratories are manufactured and blended at our Albany, GA facility where USP and GMP standards are exceeded. Unlike competitors who boast claims “Made in the USA”, the products manufactured at our facility are truly traceable to tobacco farms in the central-eastern United States and tested to the highest standards using gas chromatography-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to ensure purity.With the creation of USA Laboratories, USA Liquid Nicotine has expanded its offerings to include a line of liquid nicotine products and flavors designed for E-juice professionals and DIY customers. USA Laboratories’ new e-commerce website will sell flavors, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and pure liquid nicotine in various concentrations and volumes directly to the adult consumer. All of the nicotine is obtained from tobacco grown in the central-eastern United States and extracted using a proprietary process in Albany, Georgia.

 “We are very excited to launch this new division of USA Liquid Nicotine that will better serve the product needs of our E-Juice professionals and DIY customers. E-juice professionals and DIY customers are an extremely important part of our client base. We created a division for them that focuses directly on their needs and simplifies the purchasing process, guaranteeing that the products sold come directly from an authentic United States manufacturer. We are striving not only to produce and sell high quality products, but take pride in being able to provide focused customer service to all of our clients”, said Mark Grimaldi, CEO of USA Liquid Nicotine.

USA Liquid Nicotine is currently producing pure liquid nicotine on a commercial scale and offers its customers a higher quality, competitively priced alternative compared to that sourced  from outside of the United States. USA Liquid Nicotine and their newly created e-commerce division, USA Laboratories, continue to raise the bar for the largely unregulated liquid nicotine and e-cigarette industry guaranteeing an e-liquid product that the consumer can truly believe is USA Made.

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USA Liquid Nicotine, LLC

ADDRESS: 1909 W Oakridge Drive
Albany GA 31707

PHONE: 229-299-4712



Albany Georgia

May 5, 2014 09:11

USA Liquid Nicotine, LLC is ready to sell pure liquid nicotine extracted from tobacco grown in the southeastern United States and produced in Albany, Georgia. The company was formed as a venture between Kentucky Liquid Nicotine, LLC and National Nicotine, LLC to become a premium supplier of US extracted nicotine in an emerging 2 billion dollar industry.

The liquid nicotine produced meets USP and GMP standards and has also poised itself to exceed the upcoming FDA regulations. Unlike liquid nicotine produced in China, India, and Europe, USA Liquid Nicotine LLC can assure its customers that the tobacco grown in the United States does not use banned pesticides found overseas, such as DDT. Every batch of nicotine extracted is tested for the highest purity and ensures no contamination with heavy metals or other dangerous impurities.

Brian Furnish, an eighth generation tobacco businessman, President of International Tobacco Trading Group, and partner in the new venture, said “we are excited not only to offer a high quality nicotine product for the emerging and rapidly growing e-liquid industry, but also the ability to support our local farmers and US agriculture.”

USA Liquid Nicotine LLC is currently producing pure liquid nicotine on a commercial scale and offers its customers a higher quality alternative compared to that sourced and imported from outside of the United States. USA Liquid Nicotine LLC not only meets existing manufacturing and product quality standards, but exceeds them. This will raise the bar for standards in the industry going forward.

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