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USA Liquid Nicotine was formed to become the premier supplier of US extracted liquid nicotine from tobacco grown in the USA. By combining local American farmers’ expertise in the advanced cultivation techniques of tobacco leaf with USA Liquid Nicotine’s knowledge and proficiency in liquid nicotine extraction processes and commercialization, we have created a company that will take the e-cigarette/e-juice industry to a higher level of safety and quality, producing a product that the end-user can trust.

Bottom line…do you know what’s in your e-juice? It is of critical importance to your health to know what you are vaping. Make sure “Made in the USA” is true. Where does your nicotine come from? Verify that the VG (vegetable glycerol) used in your e-juice is not the cheaper ingredient called diethylene glycol. This substance is similar in appearance, odor and taste compared to vegetable glycerol, but it can kill you. Don’t take any chances with your health. USA Liquid Nicotine tests all final nicotine batches, PG and VG going into your final product. Our onsite testing laboratory uses gas chromatography-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to allow for the detection of ultra-trace levels of heavy metals/organo-metallic compounds and other impurities.

Stay tuned for more information about USA Liquid Nicotine and e-juice in the near future…and view our contact information to ensure your next e-juice order is of the highest quality and truly Made in the USA!

Inquire about our affiliate program and associated preferred pricing so that your e-juice is powered by USA Liquid Nicotine.


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