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American Made

Since 2013, we at Albany, GA-based ULN have prided ourselves on being a premium 100% American-Made Nicotine Manufacturer.

USA Liquid Nicotine is an American company that provides American Manufactured Nicotine that meets and exceeds all USP criteria.  We pride ourselves in product traceability, and we are proud to support the tobacco farms in the central-eastern United States and their communities – Truly “Made in the USA.”

ULN’s large established 28-acre facility houses state of the art research labs, testing labs, and dedicated manufacturing and packaging equipment designed specifically for nicotine production. Our production facility operates 24/7 with multiple shifts.

The result is the freshest American Manufactured nicotine in the US, shipped directly to your door.

Our offerings include a line of liquid nicotine design for e-liquid professionals.  We also supply top of the line pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Our pure liquid nicotine can also be precisely prepared in various concentrations to meet your business’s exact requirements.

ULN doesn’t just want to be your supplier.  We also want to add value to you through education, product support, and connecting people throughout the industry.


Your Home For Premiere USA Grown & Extracted Liquid Nicotine

100% of USA Liquid Nicotine meets or exceeds current USP and GMP standards, as well as upcoming FDA regulations.

Your nicotine is free of banned pesticides like DDT, while other countries are not restricted from using it.

Premium USP Grade Nicotine, from volumes of 1 liter to pallets of 55 gallon drums.
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